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If we fail to show up, we have failed our country!

We ask every citizen to get involved in their local government. You can volunteer three hours a month by showing up to a council, board or hearing. Progress is best when it serves all parties, including the PEOPLE!

Alice tea party key

There are many groups across the country that have been around since, well, forever. It is possible to become a target by the opposing points of view, fair warning, politics may not be for you. I have seen entire families destroyed and targeted. They do not want your help, unless it suits their needs [trust me on that one, I learned the hard way].  None the less, you still have the right to redress your grievances [at your own risk and expense – people have wasted a lifetime in courts to no avail]. We have seen how political regimes are not able to remain or be impartial. We have seen documented proof that present/past regimes used our public contractors like the IRS against opposing political party members. As a result, more and more are opting to not choose a party and still remain active in their due process of addressing their grievances or seeking remedy for having been injured by the system or its contractors. So I suggest you proceed with caution. If you contribute your sweat equity, first know what it is you are contributing to – ask for financials because you never know where the money is going. If they flinch when you ask for financials, guess what? Not worth your money or risk [felony]. This is about contract law for the most part. That is how our government works. THE KEY is being mindful what you “opt” into. According to law, there is no turf and anyone can set up an entity if they work within the ‘guidelines’ of the law. Again, proceed with caution, for every action is a reaction.  If you want to accept donations, educate, or organize, register with the Secretary of State and be sure to consult a tax attorney.


4/15/2009: We had 7,500+ at our Tax Day Tea Party at the Capitol

7/4/2009: We had 1,200+ at our 4th of July Rally at the Capitol

8/2009: We had thousands show up at representatives offices to say that HR3200 had nothing to do with reducing the layers between us and our physician! If you have not read the final language of the ACA you do not have a qualified opinion or any business pushing it onto some else.

9/17/2009: We had 1,000+ at our Constitution Day Rally at the Capitol
4/15/2010: We had 3,000+ at our  Tax Day Tea Party at the Capitol

Thanks to:

Speakers, performers, exhibitors, attendees and volunteers! All that helped us pull it off too! The state and city officials as well as the folks that helped us promote it and those that showed up to report about it.


How the 2009 wave of tea parties started in Minnesota….

I, not having been involved in any partisan politics in my life and only had been a local parent/child rights advocate while chasing the “American Dream” [praying it wasn’t an illusion], first started out by promoting the first “Rick Santelli” nationwide effort after being invited to TCOT Action Project by Michael Patrick Leahy in late January of 2009.  I helped promote the 2/27 nationwide effort and was on the conference calls from the beginning… Jenny Beth Martin, Sandra Crosnoe, Shelly Dawdy,  Amy Kremmer, etc… [21 in all… I Believe]

On April 15th, 2009 Minnesota had 12 tea parties [that we know of]

We had a tremendous amount of help. I could not have done it without Cinn [website, database, first contact, volunteer coord, online promo, gap filler inner] and Jeanette Cope [online promo, monitor/coord]. There were many organizers and we also worked very hard on the St. Paul Rally simultaneously with Margaret Lee [9/12 organizer], Dave Johannes [blogger], and many more wonderful hard working people from all parties!

Then we launched a series of campaigns and tea parties throughout the rest of the year. If I had to sum it up, most just felt disenfranchised, tired of being injured by the system and wanted representatives that actually worked for them! Sound familiar?

Throughout the summer MNTPP launched a series of OPEN DIALOGUE events to coincide with the nationwide campaigns such as Town Hall meetings, Health Care Freedom Rallies and many other events to encourage people to READ and DISCUSS before PUSHING LEGISLATION.

Meanwhile Rochester, Brainerd, St. Cloud, Mankato, Owatanna, North Branch, Thief River Falls, Duluth and Milaca have been doing their part and holding regular meetings and events. There are many groups that do not feel the need to be on the radar and are just focused on getting the ground covered or their particular issue solved.

Once it was clear that the tea party was going into a partisan direction and funneling people into a particular party camp, Toni Backdahl resigned from all national groups and affiliations.


Site created by: Toni Backdahl on 3/10/2009  Toni was the state coordinator for Tea Party Patriots from the beginning until 7/10 when she resigned due to the local pressure regarding TPP partnerships with American Solutions and Freedom Works [not that these are bad organizations, just that I knew very little about them and didn’t want to wind up supporting candidates or agendas I was  not familiar with]. Toni has been working locally on fiscal responsibility since 2001. Toni attended the McKnight Foundations “Together for Change”, where a diverse group of community leaders come together to learn how to meet the needs of and to preserve their communities with dialogue and without violence.

If you catch anyone using agitprop stay away from them! You do not want to ruin your reputation hanging out with liars and cheats who use propaganda to agitate.


Your Representatives need to hear from you!

Did you know that the correspondence they receive from you is scored?  Yep, they have to keep track of it and report it to Washington, DC.

Your in person visit gets the highest score! Yes! That is right! If you can’t get an appointment, show up anyway!  Heck they keep better hours than most churches! 8-5 Monday thru Friday! Stop by at lunch any day of the week!  They will be there! Bring your letter of concern! Use your own words! No cheating! This is too important.

Organize your fellow Americans in your own neighborhood! Fill all delegate seats for YOUR CANDIDATE in YOUR neighborhood precincts. Do not let the parties intimidate you. Represent your people in all parties. If you find that your party is not following the rules, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Caution: DO NOT GET IN A TRAP! Are you pushing a global or national agenda you know little about? You may be labeled a terrorist. Ask for financials otherwise you have no idea what you are contributing to.

You can hold book clubs, meetings regarding city, school board, county and state fiscal accountability or many other types of meetings on local, county, state related issues.  Hold classes on how to be a precinct captain or poll watcher, participate in your party, how to talk to your representatives, constitution or technology classes. Every “ONE” CAN PARTICIPATE!