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We Came, We Rallied, But What Did The Media Say?

April 16, 2009

First of all thank you to everyone.  This was your rally!  We were there, we know how great the turnout was.  We know how respectful everyone was and how much fun we had!

But what did the media have to say about our rally?  Here is a round-up of the media coverage after the rally.  Please feel free to comment and if you see something written about the event, post the link in the comment area so we can see what media outlets reported our event accurately and which ones did not!


Fox 9 Twin Cities

  • underestimated crowd numbers
  • said our rally “wasn’t about concrete facts”, huh?
  • Email Tom Lyden at and let him know what we think of his journalism skills

Kare 11

“Thousands gather in St. Paul for modern-day tea party”

  • accurate and fair reporting
  • Email Kare 11’s Joe Fryer and thank him for accurately reporting our event.


Minnesota Independent

Pioneer Press

  • Said hundreds (instead of thousands) when talking about attendance.
  • Later on in the article, stated that Sue Jeffer’s estimated it at 8000, but that this could not be confirmed.
  • Inaccurately attributed a quote that Sue Jeffer’s made to John Salsbury of the Constitution Party.
  • Write Bill Salisbury ( and tell him what you think of his article.

Power Line

  • excellent pictures and video
  • A Must See!

Star Tribune (aka Star Fib)

Star Tribune (aka Star Fib)

Star Tribune

  • 1st shows the “Tax the Rich” Rally earlier in the day, then ours


Bradley Carlson Blog

True North

  • Written by Leo Pusateri

True North

  • Written by Matt Abe


PJTV Michael Patrick Leahy  (CNN – “Not fit for family viewing”)

Media Contact List


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