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Tea Party Patriots – About Us

May 13, 2009

Tea Party Patriots is a non partisan grassroots organization that is centered around supporting the individual tea parties throughout Minnesota and the nation.  We share the common core values of tea party participants throughout the nation: Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets.   The Tea Party Patriots mission is to bring together like-minded individuals, educate and inform others about the core values and to secure public policy and elected officials consistent with those values.

The official website of the nationwide Tea Party Patriots goes into more detail about the movement.  An important note this is not a top down organization but rather a bottom up organization where the direction, message and methodology are driven from the ground up.  The real leaders of the tea party are all the local organizers throughout the country as the most effective tea party work is done at the local level.

The state and national coordinators of Tea Party Patriots exist only to help the local organizers and to facilitate common messages and communication. The national organizers are also local tea party coordinators who were involved from the beginning with the coordination of a nation wide effort of locally organized groups of patriots coming together for a common cause.

The Tea Party Movement was created spontaneously by patriots across the nation who joined together to say “Enough!” and it is those patriots unified around a common message that will help keep the government of America limited and fiscally sound.  Thank you for joining us and we are excited to work together.


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