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Tea Party Patriots – Get Involved!

May 13, 2009
One of the most common questions we hear is “What’s Next?”  Everyone is excited to keep the momentum moving forward and affect real change in our state and nation. We have several events coming up and many ways you can get involved. This can not be done without each and every one of you and we need many organizers and people to help out.  Please read below and see how best you can get involved.
July 4th Tea Party Organizers
Our next big state wide tea party will occur on July 4th.  Now is the time to begin organizing those events so they are even more successful than the rallies on April 15th.  We are looking now for people interested in leading tea parties in their area so we can help support you.  If you are interested in heading up or helping out with a tea party in your area or city for July 4th please contact us at subject line: 4th of july organizer
District Coordinators

The state of Minnesota is a large and diverse one.  We need several district coordinators to help support the tea party movement in their local areas.  To coordinate with all the local organizers in their area and us at the state and national level so we can best support each local  tea party.  Also to be part of the National Leadership Council of Tea Party Patriots.  If you are interested in helping out in this way please contact us at subject line: District Coordinator


Do you love to write about political topics and the activities of politicians and the tea party movement?  Please consider joining us as a regular blogger on this website.  We are looking for some good writers to keep fellow patriots aware of what is going on throughout our state and with the local tea partiesIf you are interested in helping out in this way please contact us at subject line: Blogger


Are you a pithy writer that has a way with just that perfect catch phrase?  Do you love texting from your cell phone or keeping up with a constant steam of new information? Consider joining Twitter and making frequent updates about the tea party movement.  Use the hash tag #tpp for Tea Party Patriots.  Be sure to connect with us on twitter as well.

Technology Training Classes

Consider teaching a technology training class in your area.  Introduce fellow patriots to Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and how to navigate the web for the best information available to help us in our tea party efforts. If you are interested in helping out in this way please contact us at subject line: Tech Trainer

Constitutional Classes

Are you a lawyer or professor or just someone who has a lot of knowledge about the consitution and our laws?  Consider organizing and teaching a community class about the constitution, to help members in your community better understand their rights and the law of our land.  Education is a key component to this movement, the more people become informed the more they understand what is slowly being taken from them. If you are interested in helping out in this way please contact us at subject line: Constitutional Classes

Host a Tea Party in Your Home

Do you feel passionate about the core values of the tea party: Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets?  Did you attend a tea party rally?  Consider hosting a small tea party in your own home.  With summer coming this is the perfect time to invite a few friends over for some grilling and time together.  Why not also introduce them to the tea party or gather together and share the constitution.  Just invite a few friends and have them invite a few friends and share what you know.  Remember your social networks are one of the best ways to spread information and get people involved at the local level.  Need help figuring out what to say?  Contact us for help  at subject line: Home Tea Party

Other Ideas?

We are sure you have other fantastic ideas of how you and everyone else can get involved.  Please leave ideas in the comment section or contact us at

Thanks so much for all you have done and will continue to do.  Together we can help our local government return to a focus on Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets.


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