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GM Fallout – Extortion Reaches Montana Business

July 14, 2009

Dear Patriots,

Two Legislators from Montana ( Representative Cary Smith and Representative Chas Vincent) are asking the Tea Party Members for help.  It seems Secretary Tim Geithner and Auto Task Force Director Summers, are about to ignore the Constitution and void a contract with a Montana mining company for the production of Palladium used in the auto industry.  They take over GM and then they destroy other auto makers and small businesses by ignoring the rule of law to benefit their union cronies.

Please help Montana by writing a short letter and mailing it to the address below.  Your State will certainly be next.

Cary and other Legislators from Montana supported and passed States’ Rights gun legislation; let’s help them on this Constitutional issue.

I know you are all very busy but please pass this on to your Patriots so they can be involved in preserving Freedom in American.

Director Summers

Auto Task Force, Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20220

Tim Geithner

Auto Task Force, Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20220

God Bless You in this Fight for Freedom & the Preservation of the Constitution

Steve Moon

Representative cary smith wrote:

I just received this e-mail from Chas Vincent one of our Representatives from our state legislature. As Chad states in his note “General Motors has petitioned the bankruptcy court to terminate its Palladium and Rhodium supply agreement with Montana’s Stillwater mine while increasing it’s imports from producers in Russia and South Africa. The Stillwater mine is the only mine in the U.S. that produces Palladium (a product used in automobile catalytic converters) and represents one of the three in the world that are capable of producing Palladium at commercial levels.”

This kind of action just adds insult to injury. The government takes over
General Motors and pretty much destroys the auto industry in America. Then they take what jobs are left in the auto industry support businesses such as the Palladium mine in Montana and ship those contracts overseas.
Chas has asked the Legislators in Montana to send letters to Secretary Geithner and Director Summers, whom are are co-chairs of the Auto Task Force in the Dept of Treasury, and express our opposition to this disingenuous motion.

I was hoping that the Patrick Henry Caucus and the other groups you are in contact with would support the legislators in Montana in opposing this action by joining us in sending letters to the Auto Task Force.

Chas has provided an outline of key reasons for continuing to use the Montana mine for Palladium.


Representative Cary Smith
Montana House of Representatives
House District 55

Here’s a few points that I plan on incorporating into my letter:

* American tax dollars used to bailout American companies should not be sent overseas.

* We continue to import our resources and export the impacts of the consumption of them while claiming that we are being “environmentally responsible” in the process.
* Most of the resources we import are coming from countries that are long in resources, but short on cash and use a regulatory framework that in many cases is non-existent.

* This gives them favorable production/investment rates of return, but can cause cumulative environmental impacts that we mitigated for decades ago.

* I for one greatly appreciate the quality of life extractive industries afford us, and I am very proud of the environmental steps we have taken to address the impacts that accompany our ability to have this lifestyle. That said, we cannot afford to continue in allowing policy to outrun the best available science of the time, something very prevalent in today’s stewardship dialogues.
* MT’s Stillwater mine operates under some of the strictest regulatory standards in the world, and is something we should be proud of as a state, but it needs to be acknowledged that it costs more to do so.
* We must find the delicate balance between responsible development and over regulation if we are to be competitive in the global economy.

* Over regulation of our industries in America has, and will continue to force them outside our borders preventing the responsible development of natural resources that the regulation is attempting to achieve.

* Industry will not die. We will continue to consume. The question is whether or not it will be a domestic industry workforce that is providing the resources.
* We cannot regulate our industries out of the U.S. and pretend that we’re being anything but environmentally irresponsible as a result.

* If you like Iraqi oil, Russian timber, eggs from Mexico and beef from Argentina- you’ll love Palladium from South Africa.


*/Rep Chas Vincent/*

5957 Champion Rd

Libby, MT 59923

406.293.8821  o

406.293.1575  c <>

*/ /*

Hotmail® has ever-growing storage! Don’t worry about storage limits. Check it out. <>

Representative Cary Smith
House District 55


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