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Minnesota State Coordinator: Toni Backdahl

Welcome Fellow Patriot!

My job as Tea Party Patriot State Coordinator is to make sure you are in the loop. There are several types of Tea Party Patriots and several ways to get involved. Below is a list of just a few:

1) A Participant – contact your local organizer
2) An Event Volunteer – contact your local organizer
3) Leadership Volunteer – contact your state coord or local organizer
4) Organizer of Events – contact your state coordinator
5) Organizer of a geographical area (neighborhood, city, district, county) – contact your state coordinator
6) Blogger (established or newcomer) – contact your state coordinator

There are many national and local conservative groups out there and I applaud all of them! But to be clear, the Tea Party Patriots is a non-partisan group that focuses on limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility.

The tea party goers are a mix from all walks of life and political parties. Yes, believe it or not! Don’t be discouraged if you see a group pop up that has a title specific to their special interest. Focus on what you believe your community is lacking and fill in the gap. Join or create a group that fits your values and local conservative needs. YOUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD!

Thank you so much for all that you do, as a fellow American, I am humbled. You are doing this for you and our country and for whatever reason you are compelled, THANK YOU! What you do helps others know that they are NOT ALONE!

Thanks for being a part of this very important movement toward TRUTH in GOVERNMENT!

Toni Backdahl
Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator

<center><strong>God Bless You, our Troops, our Country, our Families, and our Mission! Semper Fi!</strong></center>

Please add your group and/or event!

<a href=””>Please visit our blog to get the latest.</a> – National Tea Party HQ – A network of conservative networks – 60,000+ conservatives nationwide – Not just for the ladies!

How do we communicate with our fellow patriots:

JOIN THE THINK TANK! Invite your friends!

MN Tea Party Patriots Working Group


MN Tea Party Patriots Mailing List


Official MN Tea Party Patriots Online Store



Minnesota Tea Party Happenings (from Nationals site)

National Tea Party News – Tea Party Patriots email list

Subscribe to the Tea Party Patriots National newsletter

Minnesota Groups:

Please join a group, and if you don’t find one that appeals to you or that is in your area, PLEASE create one!

If you build it they will come:


The number one asked question is What’s Next?  We are still a few and we need to become many!  We need people like you to take on a roll in your local community and help fill in the gaps of our coalition!  The more people we have the more breaks and less burn out potential of our very loyal and hard working volunteers!


Tea Party Patriots is a non partisan grassroots organization that is centered around supporting the individual tea parties throughout Minnesota and the nation. We share the common core values of tea party participants throughout the nation: Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets. The Tea Party Patriots mission is to bring together like-minded individuals, educate and inform others about the core values and to secure public policy and elected officials consistent with those values.

The Tea Party Movement was created spontaneously by patriots across the nation who joined together to say “Enough!” and it is those patriots unified around a common message that will help keep the government of America limited and fiscally sound. Thank you for joining us and we are excited to work together.

If you are interested in a tea party in your city, contact the Minnesota State Coordinator:Toni Backdahl


Thanks to everyone who came out for the April 15th and on July 4th Tea Parties throughout the state. We had great turnout! Now it is time to keep the momentum moving forward as we head into the summer events and keep the tea party movement growing.

The tea party movement is at its heart and soul a grassroots movement. That means it can not be done without each and every one of you engaged in your community. April 15th and July 4th was such a success because patriots across the state joined and worked together for a common goal. As the movement moves forward and grows the organizational needs expand and more people will need to step forward and help out.

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