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Twitter: @mntpp hash tag: #mntpp

Welcome to the Working Group. You are here because you believe in these three principles:
Limited Government – Fiscal Responsibility – Free Markets

9/12 – Tea Party – Conservative groups new and old – Avg. Citizens – All Parties – No Party – Religious – Non Religious

Also this is an open forum for candidates that choose to utilize it.

Several ways to participate:
1) Attend your local city council, school board, county and state board meetings.
2) Find Open Appointments in those areas mentioned above and fill those seats.
3) Work on a specific issue.
4) Hold regular meetings.
5) Attend meetings and events.
6) Volunteer with a local group or event.
7) Hold your own tea party!
8) Check out the many issues being lobbied and make sure your values are represented! [Minnesota Lobby – google]
…and more!

If you do not have a group in your area that represents you and your values, start your own group! If you build it THEY WILL COME! I promise you!

Step 1: Find out who represents you! You do not need a middle man!
Find your Congressional District and Representatives local office click HERE

Step 2: Get alerts that affect your family or your business!
Check this tool out!

Step 3: Start holding regular meetings and events!
You are in charge of your group! If people like what your are doing they will stick with you. If you seem to march in front of the parade, trying to profit, have an agenda you will be isolating yourself and eventually be only talking to an echo chamber. We are widening our circle of influence by creating groups in our community that will perform their civic duty. This will ensure that our public officials are performing their civic duty. We wont stop until there is at least 3 representatives in each precinct. SO GET TO WORK!

IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE BASED OR LOCAL GRASS ROOTS GROUP, ADD IT, THEN SHARE IT WITH THIS NETWORK – This way people from this network will know about you and help you accomplish your GRASS ROOTS goals. [Groups on this network have a TWO WAY relationship with MNTPP and TPP – we support you, you support us]

GET PLUGGED IN NATIONALLY – Make sure you register your group here at because my job is to create groups and the groups job is to get plugged in! There are over 30 national groups you could register on, however, Tea Party Patriots is the ORIGINAL FOUNDERS of the nationally coordinated tea parties.


————————————————————————————————– PITCH IN: Monthly Operating Expenses: Communications: $150.00 Technical Assistance: $200.00 Please consider giving a small amount so that our patriots do not have to cover this out of their own pockets.

ENTER YOUR EVENTS INTO THE EVENTS SECTION – Your events will be shared via RSS across many sites. You can help this process as well by learning more about how RSS works on google or youtube.

ADD YOUR GROUP THEN SHARE IT WITH THIS NETWORK – This way people from this network will know about you and help you accomplish your GRASS ROOTS goals.


Are you registered to vote?

Do you know your district precinct polling information?

Do you know who your  state and national representatives are?

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